On The Subject Of Free Stuff

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A little Thank You to my listeners on Soundcloud who have been playing the hell out of my latest EP release “Solar Realm” – I’ve decided to make it free for download.



On The Subject Sub-Aetha – The First Ones

the first ones_COVER

In 48 hours, my debut album under the name “Sub-Aetha – The First Ones” will be released across the planet in those places that have access to iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the members of Harmonium for inadvertently taking their name and to say I hope I haven’t caused them any harm by doing so.

I’d also like to issue an apology to their fans. Sorry, folks – had I known I would never have done it in the first place.

I recorded this under three extraordinary conditions:

1. Only monophonic synthesizers were to be used.

2. No sequencers or loops (arpeggiators and tape loops are the only exception). All the instrumentation is done in real time, including the electronic drum parts.

3. I am limited to 8 tracks to record with. If I want more, I have to bounce down to another track and I’m only allowed to do that 4 times (though I tried very hard to avoid it whenever possible).

When you hear it, you can totally tell it’s an old-school kind of electronic music album. At one point, I actually had my hands on an old Sony reel-to-reel (that broke down several times during the making of this album) and was splicing tape for the tape loops – and reel-to-reel recording tape isn’t easy to come by these days.

With one notable exception, who does that anymore?

Would I do another album like this again? Maybe. It was quite the challenge to limit yourself in this fashion and still deliver on a full length album. It was a lot of fun to make and I especially enjoyed the challenge of keeping time against an old-style click track.

For the record: I did everything on this album from the writing, composing, recording, mixing, producing, mastering and the cover art.

This was, for all intents and purposes, a DIY project.

The album will be up on iTunes in about 48 hours from an hour ago when I uploaded all 12 songs to my distributor. Give it a listen, buy it if you like it and recommend it to your friends.