On The Subject Of Making A Prediction And Having It Come True


Three years ago I made 10 predictions about 10 television shows with regards to how long they’d be on the air.

Today I am pleased to report that one of my predictions has come true: as of next year, American Idol is going off the air within the low-end boundary time frame I predicted it would happen:  at least 3 2/3 years.

Fox Television announced Monday that come January 2016, American Idol will be in its final season and summarily cancelled.

American Idol was without any doubt the most popular show ratings-wise. Dubbed “Fox’s Death Star”, Idol crushed any competition that dared to air the same time it did.

In 2006, Idol drew more than a staggering 36 million viewers for its season finale but since this peak, Idol’s ratings have steadily fallen to a paltry 11.6 million viewers.

One down, nine to go.