On Being Labeled “Classic Rock”

the first ones_COVER

There are just some things that make your whole week – and this is one of them.

Nearly three weeks into the release of my debut album “The First Ones” I decided it was high time to get out there on The Googles and see what if any activity the album was generating.

Well, I see it’s out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, 7Digital and a previously unknown online seller called Tradebit.

I’ve heard of Tradebit before – they’ve sold a previous single of another project I was involved in last March but I don’t really know much about them except they’re in Germany and the Founder/CEO is a guy by the name of Ralf Schwoebel.

And he and his company just made my whole week.

What’d he and his company do? Oh…they just classified my album as Classic Rock.

Seriously, I’m over here laughing my ass off over this and not to make fun of Ralf and Tradebit. No, not at all. What I find hilarious about this is that when I made this album I was going for the old-school classic electronic rock sound and it seems that it was convincing enough that Tradebit actually filed it as such.

I couldn’t buy this kind of press, folks. And I couldn’t be happier.

So, thank you Ralf Schwoebel and thank you Tradebit.

Now if I can just parley this into more sales…


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