On The High Cost Of Stupidity


Yes, stupidity – because there is no way in hell that in this 21st century America where (unless you live a cave) you are within reach of an information source – be it your phone, computer, radio or television – at all times that you can’t claim ignorance about protecting yourselves and your kids from preventable diseases like measles.

CNN reports today that 2013 is on track to become the worst measles epidemic in a decade.

Reason? The article reports:

This year is on track to be the worst for measles in more than a decade, according to new numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And people who refuse to vaccinate their children are behind the increasing number of outbreaks, health officials say.

Worst. Parents. Ever.

Your child will eventually want to go outside and play, will eventually have to go to school, will eventually come into contact with other people and will eventually have to interact with them so my question to you parents who don’t believe in or are afraid to have your children vaccinated is this: is it your intention to keep your kids locked up in an isolation room for the rest of their natural lives?

If the answer to that question is yes, just call CPS on yourself right now. Save me the bother. You do not have a constitutional right to endanger your children or anyone else and their children.

Just because diseases like polio and measles don’t exist in your neck of the woods doesn’t mean those diseases don’t exist elsewhere and it doesn’t mean the people who carry these diseases (and have an even dimmer view of vaccinations than you do) won’t be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

There’s no excuse for this. Not anymore.

What’s that, you say? Autism? Got news for you: the argument that vaccines cause autism is over and it lost. You don’t have a leg to stand on and Jenny McCarthy is an idiot for having suggested this.

God forbids it? Yeah, let’s ask Kenneth Copeland how well that worked out when he infected not only his parish at his retreat but the county that it resides in.

Side effects? Vaccines have saved more lives than they have taken. Sure, some people have bad reactions to certain things like medicines or even food but if everyone in the United States were to take two aspirin right now, five hundred of you will be dead by midnight.

Should we just ban aspirin?

You (or your children) stand a better chance of getting hit by lightning than you (or your children) do from having an adverse/fatal reaction to a vaccine. This kind of risk avoidance is paranoia at its worst and it has dire consequences – such is the case in Texas which is, right now, experiencing a whooping cough epidemic.

All because of an irrational fear and sheer stupidity.

Want to know what my favorite anecdote is? The one where anti-vaxers (those are folks who are dead set against vaccines) say with a straight face:

My <insert elderly relative> never got vaccinated and lived to be <insert old age number>.

Your elderly relative lived in a period of time where there weren’t as many people as there are today.

Your elderly relative lived in a period of time where things like a national highway and international flights were uncommon – if they existed at all.

Your elderly relative lived in a period of time in a place where their neighbor was likely 10 miles away.

The world your elderly relative lived in was far different from the one you live in now.

You don’t live in isolation. I don’t live in isolation. Nobody lives in isolation. This morning on my way to the post office I walked through at least half a dozen people and I live in a small town of just over 1,100. If you honestly believe the crap non-science about those evil vaccines, sit down with the Aztecs sometime and ask them their opinion on introducing a previously heretofore unknown disease like smallpox into their population.

Oh, wait…what?

If it were up to me, I’d make vaccinations mandatory as this is clearly a health and safety issue that goes beyond anyone’s constitutional right to criminal negligence – which is something you don’t have and it’s what being anti-vaccine is and even though you never got vaccinated and nothing bad happened to you there’s a good chance you’re a carrier, Typhoid Mary.

But, it’s not up to me. I suppose I just took myself out of any chance to run for public office with that statement, but who cares? You can either take the slight risk of an adverse/fatal reaction or you can deal with the certainty of getting sick and pretty much dying from a preventable disease if you don’t get yourselves or your children vaccinated.

Your choice.


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