In Which I Can Now Confirm


After an exhaustive search consisting of many hours I have reached the following conclusion:

Rand Paul never said this on Fox News or anywhere else. This is a left-wing hit job and now I turn my attention to the individual who thought this was a good thing to do.

Dear Sir (or Madame, as the case may be):

You’re an idiot.

I don’t know what the hell you were thinking in this, The Gilded Age of Google, that you actually thought you could get away with perpetrating a blatant smear like this.

If you call yourself a Liberal you have just set the cause back to about the Stone Age.

This isn’t what we do. Granted Rand Paul’s ideas are kooky, to put it mildly, but it isn’t necessary to lie about the things he says when, if you wait about 5 minutes, he’ll say something that borders on absurd, outrageous, it would be true and it would be easily verifiable.

You’re not helping by tarring Rand Paul with the brush of antisemitism. All you’ve managed to do is add more fuel to the fire by painting us Liberals – all of us Liberals – as propagandists and smear mongers.

This isn’t what we’re about.

You know its really gone off into the weeds when I have to stand up and defend a man whose politics I don’t agree with, but here it is and I’m doing it. I have to stand up and defend this man now because of your stupid, lame-ass stunt.

He doesn’t deserve this.

What did you think was going to happen? That everybody would be stupid enough to fall for this? What if someone were to take you at your word and decide to hurt him or members of his family because they believed your lie that he hates Jews?

Do us all a favor: stay off the radar – especially mine.


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