UPDATE: In Which I Report That George Zimmerman Has Been Arrested


Update: George Zimmerman’s wife has declined to press charges but it still leaves open the possibility that the Florida State’s Attorney may pursue a criminal indictment against him.

Do not attempt to adjust your internet.

No, this is not a repeat of the Zimmerman/Martin trial or the events that led to it. George Zimmerman has been arrested…again and yes, there was a gun involved.


News reports out of Florida are reporting tonight that the police were dispatched to an address at a home on Sprucewood Road where George Zimmerman was found to have been involved in some sort of altercation between his soon to be ex-wife and her father where he allegedly pulled a gun on them both in a threatening manner.

Surprise does not ensue.

I have been saying this for some time now: George Zimmerman is an unstable individual who is too damn quick to reach for a gun whenever he feels threatened in the slightest – over anything he feels threatened in the slightest.

Such as the impending dissolution of his marriage.

One would think that after having dodged a murder conviction George would just disappear, never to be seen again but, sadly, no – George Zimmerman feels invincible, thinks nobody can touch him and that he can get away with anything after having taken a human life with no repercussions or consequences to himself so why wouldn’t he think it was perfectly acceptable to pull a gun on his soon-to-be ex wife?

If this isn’t instructive, I don’t know what is or what would be for any of you.

Do you buy his self defense story now?

George believed his own hype with sycophantic gun nuts around the country who often fantasize about doing exactly what George did but don’t quite have the stones or the wherewithal to do it themselves cheering him on, patting him on the back and holding him up as a hero.

Or, as Kim Keller over at Roadkill Goldfish (a great blogger and an even greater mom) said:

Yes, this is what happens when you constantly hear everything you do is awesome.

Nobody took the time to tell George that there’s nothing glorious or macho about taking another human life no matter how much in the right you are. Every cop in the street and every serviceman on the battlefield gets this which is why they really don’t like it when you ask them if they’ve ever killed anybody.

There is nothing joyous or uplifting in the taking the life of another human being. It goes against everything every living human being on the planet has been taught from the first time they’ve been introduced to God’s commandment that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” to the day when they are indoctrinated sufficiently about how society takes a dim view on murder.

And spare me your “I have/had no problem with it”, Keyboard Commandos. You have neither taken a life nor have you ever been in a situation where you are forced to take a life.


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