The Moment Where I Spell It Out For You


I very much appreciate my readers and their participation. I also very much appreciate engaged, active feedback from my readers. Thank you for your readership and participation and I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

With one exception:

If you’re going to engage me in debate, you need to come correct. While I respect your opinions and right to speak them whenever and wherever you wish you are not entitled to your own facts and own definitions.

In future, please don’t presume to lecture me about what words actually mean – I have a dictionary sitting in front of me for that purpose. Also bear in mind that I already know the definition for the word “rhetorical”.

Yes, I’m speaking directly to you silenceofmind (no, I will not link to your blog).

Around here, we answer to an even higher authority – the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

PS For the record, SoM, I have a really big problem with organized religion – a far too large litany of complaints and indictments that would max out the storage of WordPress. While I respect your beliefs and opinions, I’m going to tell you up front that I think a woman should have a right to choose for herself, I think if two dudes (or two chicks) want to get married it doesn’t threaten my heterosexual marriage in the slightest and I don’t believe for one moment that you ought to own an assault rifle that fires a zillion rounds per second.

If you want to play with assault rifles then I invite you to do what I did: join the military. They have lots of them you can play with.


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