On Which The District of Columbia Strikes A Blow For Working People


Two days ago, legislators for the District of Columbia approved a living wage bill and though it has yet to be signed into law (it’s likely to be vetoed by D.C.’s mayor) it is an unambiguous shot across Walmart’s bow: we are tired of footing the bill for your workers, Walmart – start paying them a living wage.

To which I say: it’s about time.

Walmart is infamous for being a leech on the taxpayers of this country. By refusing to pay their workers a living wage, engaging in creative legerdemain with their workers schedules as to keep them well clear of benefits and to say nothing of their open hostility toward unionizing they force their associates to live off the largess of the American public.

That’s right, America – you pick up the tab for what Walmart refuses to do.

Forgive my naivete, but I always thought that being gainfully employed meant that you could support yourself and forego the need of public assistance.

But not at Walmart. Though their claim is “Low Prices Everyday” what they don’t tell you is that you do pay a steep price down the line as your tax money provides for food stamps and health care for their workers that cannot afford these basic necessities.

You’re not saving money by shopping at Walmart, folks. Far from it and even if you don’t shop at Walmart, it’s costing you.

Of course, Walmart isn’t happy about this. Oh, no they’re not. They were all set to build three more stores in DC until the legislators approved this bill. Now not only are they not going to build three new stores but they’re also looking to the cost and feasibility of not opening the stores that are currently under construction.

Well, at least in one place, Walmart no longer gets to gouge the taxpayers should this bill be signed. What’s more heartening are the uprisings at Walmart that are going on across the country in 15 cities.

I suppose the question is “how much is enough?”. Walmart is a multi-billion dollar company that realistically can’t plead poverty when it comes to the question of a living wage for its workers.

Guess you’ll have to carpool in the company limo from now on.


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