In Two Weeks We Will Have The Evidence

A makeshift morgue in Syria, victims of an alleged chemical attack. 
Source: The Australian

I don’t know…

Well, okay, this seems cut and dried. For those of you who haven’t been living under a rock for the last week or so, apparently Syria went and did something unspeakably horrible – they’ve allegedly used chemical weapons on their own people in what can only be described as a desperate act by the Assad regime who, apparently, is either pulling out all the stops to show that he won’t hesitate to use brutal methods to assert his power or he’s losing the civil war that has engulfed his country quite badly.

Either way, it’s ugly no matter how you slice it.

I really don’t know what to say to this other than express shock, dismay and outrage that a government would use weapons of mass destruction on their own people. If you’re looking for a deep, insightful commentary on Syrian politics you’re not going to find it here. Though I use the word “alleged” it’s obvious something god-awful happened here and 1300 people are now dead – not soldiers, not insurgents, not combatants but men, women and children.

Anytime a regime resorts to mass murder on this scale you just know that something’s rotten in Denmark.

I have to openly wonder what would have happened had the Assad regime had access to tactical nuclear weapons. Would Assad have given the order to wipe an entire town within his borders off the face of the earth?

How would that play in Moscow?

Yeah, in case you didn’t know (or forgot), Russia is a close ally of Syria. You have to wonder what’s going through Putin’s head right now and – more interestingly – why he’s not condemning this in no uncertain terms.

The silence is a little creepy, Vlad.

You also have to wonder what he makes of the fact that the US Navy 6th Fleet is parked off the coast of Syria in a holding pattern, waiting for the word…

What word? Well, the UN has sent inspectors into the area of Syria where the attack took place where they collected all manner of samples to take back to a laboratory in Europe for further analysis and the fate of the Assad regime hinges on the lab report that will be out in about two weeks from now.

I find it kind of interesting that the Syrians allowed UN inspectors to go in the first place. Odd thing to do if you just committed an atrocity on your own people with chemical weapons and you’ve got the 6th Fleet parked off coast ready to rain hell down on your country and that begs a few questions, the biggest one being if Assad is trying to rope the US and our allies into a war.

I bet Langley and Meade are scratching their heads over this. I’m scratching my head over this.

Ominous implications here. Are the Russians going to intervene and protect Assad’s regime? Last I heard they were sending a few warships into the area but nothing of a fleet movement from them to suggest that they’re preparing for all-out war with the United States in defense of their staunchest ally.

Does Assad think he’s going to win?

Exactly what is Assad thinking?

Is Assad thinking?

I would hate to be in Langley or Meade trying to sort this one out. I really don’t envy the intelligence community their jobs right now.

I have to say, though, that this is certainly a step up from the run-up to the war in Iraq – we’re actually going to wait for conclusive, irrefutable evidence that chemical weapons were used.


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