In Which We Part Company


Like most of you I, too, have been roughed up by today’s economy to an extent that I find myself having to sell off a few things just to make ends meet.

So, today, I put my SB8 Stick Bass up for sale on Craigslist and needless to say I’m not very happy about it.

This was an instrument I waited 26 years to get.

It was a good run we had. It arrived at my house 4 years ago on December 17, 2009 just some eight days before Christmas (who says it doesn’t come early?).

I’ve had to sell off instruments before for various reasons but this…this feels different – and wrong. I just hope it goes to a good home where its new owner will appreciate it as much as I did.

Yes, I did manage to do some recording with it. This was by far the best track we ever did.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…for your edification:


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